Interaction Groups have a long history at ISPA conferences. Already in 1977, at the 2nd International School Psychology Colloquium in Denmark, ‘Small Interaction Groups for all Participants’ were an integral part of the conference program, and they have continued to be an appreciated feature of ISPA conferences ever since.

The aim of Interaction Group meetings is to connect old and new ISPA members and participants of the conference by sharing ideas about school psychology. Interaction Group meetings are a good opportunity to get in contact with colleagues from all over the world in an informal way. Over the years, the outcome of these meetings has been manifold: They have been a starting point for international cooperation on research topics, for exchanges on psychological practice in schools, and even for life-long friendships.

An Interaction Group consists of about 20 participants and is hosted by a facilitator. He or she is an ISPA-member who has been attending several ISPA-conferences and knows the association well. At recent ISPA conferences, there were usually two meetings, and several groups met at the same time.

To keep up the annual tradition, we are offering interaction groups again this year in Bologna.

Everyone is invited to participate!

Please feel welcome to join an Interaction Group on July 6 and July 7 (during luch time break, after lunch pickup)

If you are interested in participating in a group, please select the date on which you are available


As part of your registration at the ISPA conference you are entitled to participate in an ISPA Interaction Group, which will be offered again this year as part of the program. Every registered delegate is invited to participate! When registering for this ISPA conference, participants are asked to declare their interest to join an Interaction Group. 

As usual, interaction groups are led by ISPA members who make themselves available. If you are available to lead an interaction group, please indicate it during your registration.