Title Authors
A proposal for the survival of the OpenPGP decentralized trust network G. Wolf; J. Ortega-Arjona
Strengthening Invisible Ties: Decreasing Loneliness Indices of University Students Through a Gamified Mobile App R. Bordini; O. Korn
Leveraging on Network Slicing to Enable and Enhance e-Health and IoT services E. Berdufi; N. SLAMNIK-KRIJEÅ TORAC; J. Marquez-Barja

Work in Progress

Title Authors
User Adoption of Smart Home Systems A. Förster; J. Block
Unwritten Magic: Participatory Design of AI Dialogue to Empower Marginalized Voices A. Buddemeyer; J. Nwogu; J. Solyst; E. Walker; T. Nkrumah; A. Ogan; L. Hatley; A. Stewart
Data Visualization and Responsive Design Principles applied to Industry 4.0: the Mentor Project Case Study F. Ballarini; M. Casadei; F. Borgo; V. Ghini; S. Mirri
When Machines Find Sites for the Archaeologists: A Preliminary Study with Semantic Segmentation applied to Satellite Imagery of the Mesopotamian Floodplain L. Casini; V. Orrù; M. Roccetti; N. Marchetti
I-BASA: Preserving Heritage Culture with IoT and Edge Cloud H. Susanto; B. Lau; A. Sugianto
EscapeCampus: exploiting a Game-based Learning tool to increase the sustainability knowledge of students C. Ceccarini; C. Prandi
Hierarchical clustering as an unsurpervised machine learning algorithm for hyperspectral image segmentation of films L. Liu; G. Delnevo; S. Mirri
A Decentralized Architecture for Dynamic and Federated Access Control Facilitating Smart Tourism Services A. Sabbioni; C. Mazzocca; A. Bujari; R. Montanari; A. Corradi
Towards a Resource-aware Middleware Support for Distributed Game Engine Design L. Mazzuca; A. Garbugli; A. Sabbioni; A. Bujari; A. Corradi
Human-AI Co-creation Practice to Reconfigure the Cultural Emotion : Han Y. Yu; H. Yu; J. Cho; J. Park; E. Lim; J. Ha